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All in One Network Protection

While you get a VPN platform with ATOM, you get much more than a VPN! You get access to advanced features for unmatched protection of your network and online assets with ATOM.

Focus on What’s Important

We help you with the technicalities so you can focus on the most important part of your business - increasing revenues. ATOM helps you grow your business even at a micro level.

Rapid Deployment and Dedicated Support

Deploying an ATOM-powered solution is easier than deploying any other solution of this scale and complexity. Plus, you have our dedicated engineers supporting you 24/7 in case you get stuck.

What’s In Our ATOM?

Employ our global footprint and proprietary technology, customized to fit your wish list. Our SDKs and APIs give you access to our VPN-powered platform, so you can build or empower your brand.

Build Your Own VPN Brand

No resources, capital or infrastructure required! You can now build your own VPN brand using the technological foundations laid by us. Leave all the technicalities and grunt stuff to us. Just focus on marketing your VPN and pulling in revenue.

Intergrate ATOM in your product or Services.

Businesses and corporations can integrate ATOM with their products and services to offer a value preposition unlike any other. The smart age calls for smarter products, products that offer privacy, security and peace of mind, which is exactly what you get with ATOM.


A server-level antivirus that defends you against incoming threats.


A real-time server-level intrusion detection and protection system.

App Blocker

Control which apps are allowed on the devices of your employees or family members.

Content Filter

Get rid of ads on the web; save your bandwidth and increase browsing speed.

Web Filter

Choose which websites are allowed on your network or connected devices.

How it Works

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  • White Label Our ATOM
  • SDK & API
  • We have made white labelling ATOM as simple and seamless as possible. Our white label solution will help you, even if you do not have a technical team of your own. Whether you want ready-made apps, backend development, analytics or something else, our team will become your team to help you run your business effectively, meaning, you just need to focus on marketing and leave the technical side to us.

  • Integrating ATOM with your product could not be any simpler. Just get our SDKs and APIs and take your product to the next level. ATOM gives you access to PureVPN’s infrastructure. The Web Service API seamlessly connects your application with PureVPN’s global VPN network, strategically spread across the six continents. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, support for all major protocols, devices, and Operating Systems. Plus, you also get 24/7 live support and dedicated engineers to help you keep your business running smooth.

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Different ATOMS Coming Together

Advanced Features

ATOM is the only VPN-powered platform offering advanced features at no extra cost or investment!

Administrative Controls

The Dashboard helps you monitor your business and generate real-time, actionable reports instantly!

Developer Playground

An API Playground for tech players along with extremely innovative SDKs, making everything a breeze!

Tech Support

Come rain or shine, highly qualified & dedicated engineers are there to help you every step of the way!

Business Intelligence

From bandwidth to uptime to devices to everything else in between, you have a bird’s eye view of everything!

Compatibility with major

Be it the organization’s assets or the BYOD culture, integration will be seamless and instant all the time!

Global Presence

We have a massive self-engineered network of servers across the globe, providing 99.9% uptime. You can rest assured that your business will continue as usual, even during unusual times.

A tech chain reaction is waiting to be ignited!

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What’s ATOM!

Limitations, lack of customization, the need for investment, dedicated resources, capital, and the absence of transparency; these are the major reasons behind the creation of ATOM. As one the leading VPN providers in the world, we, at PureVPN, decided to address the need for a solution that not only empowers users to take full advantage of the internet, but allows businesses to take their products to the next level, without requiring them to put any efforts into developing a new product.

In doing so, we were challenged to open up our inner workings and make them accessible. We overcame this challenge via making our SDKs and APIs readily available for anyone looking to build their own product on top of our global foundations.

With ATOM, we have broken the norms of the VPN industry by making everything visible, transparent and accessible for businesses looking to add security, privacy, and global connectivity to their products.

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